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Battle Clauses

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Battle Clauses

Post  PIESLAYER on Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:32 am

Battle Clauses are restrictions in battles made to keep the battle fair.

Special clause: this clause states that you can only use one of each kind of pokemon

Ex: you're not allowed to use more than one electrode in a team.

Sleep clause: This clause states that you can only have one of your opponent's pokemon put to sleep at any given time in the battle. Sleep from the effect spore ability doesn't count.You are free to put another of your opponent's pokemon to sleep once the sleeping pokemon has woken up or fainted.

Ex: If you're using a breloom and have just put your opponent's lead pokemon asleep, you wont be able to put any other of his/her pokemon to sleep until the mentioned lead has either woken up or fainted.

OHKO Clause: This clause states that no pokemon on either team are allowed to use any one hit-KO moves. These moves are: Horn drill, Fissure, Sheer cold, Guillotine

Item Clause/Luck item Clause: This clause states that neither player can give any of their pokemon an item which relies on luck to activate.these items are: Razor fang, Dire hit, Focus band, Stick, Lucky punch, Brightpowder, Scope lens, Razor claw, King's rock, Lansat berry, Quick claw

Burn Clause: this is the sleep clause but for burn. uncommon to see and not used in standard battles.

Para Clause: Same as the sleep clause but for paralyzation. Again, uncommon, not used in standard battles

Freeze clause: this clause is the same as the sleep clause basically, but it counts for freeze hax. it is uncommon to use this clause in battle, since the highest chance of freeze doesn't go higher than 20%. Not used in standard battles.

Thanks for reading, now all you n00bs out there cant complain about not knowing the clause :]


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