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EV training guide

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EV training guide Empty EV training guide

Post  PIESLAYER on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:13 pm

As pokemon grow they gain EV's from killing pokemon (wild and trainer) every 4 evs raise the stat they are in by 1 point.

each pokemon can have 510 total EV's and 255 EV's in 1 stat (so you can only max out 2 stats)

The ev's you get depend on which pokemon you kill. (EX: magikarp give 1 speed EV)

i wont go into details about each and every pokemon. But ill give some tips on how to EV train.


The macho brace is gotten from an old man in the game for showing him all the forms of burmy (having them all in your party while you talk to him)

it doubles all the ev's you get (EX:you'll get 2 evs from killing a magikarp while your pokemon is holding it)


Everyone knows the exp share shares half the exp from a battle. Now you'll know that it also gives all the ev's to the pokemon holding it too! usefull for giving ev's to weak pokemon.

(EX: from killing a magikarp, your leading pokemon AND your pokemon with exp. share will both gain 1 speed EV)


These are by far the most useful items for ev training. You can get all of these at the battle frontier for 16 BP each. They also cut your speed in half while you hold it.

Theres a power item for each stat:

ATTACK: Power Bracer
Defense: Power Belt
Sp.ATTK: Power Lens
SP.DEF: Power Band
SPEED: Power Anklet
HP: Power Weight

When your pokemon is holding the correct item, you gain 4 EV's in that stat PLUS the ev's from killing the pokemon!
(EX: your pokemon gains 1 speed ev from killing the wild magikarp and 4 from the power anklet making it gain 5 total ev's)


This is also incredibly helpful with EV training. Like the macho brace, it doubles all the evs you gain.

it sound similar to the macho brace, but the difference is, it's effect goes last.

So lets say you kill a magikarp while holding a power anklet, your total is usually 5 EV's right?

when the pokemon that killed it has pokerus, you gain 10 instead! that decreases the time for EV training by several hours.

Another way to spread EV's for beginners is VITAMINS.

vitamins can be bought at veilstone's store on the second floor for about 9000 pokedollars

they give 10 ev's to the stat they belong to, but they can only give EV's to a stat that has less that 100 EV's in it already.

ATTACK: Protein
Defense: Iron
SP.ATK: Calcium
SP.DEF: Zinc
SPEED: Carbos

So its a quick 100 EV's if you buy 10 of them, but it is quite expensive.

EV training spots:


lake variety: (levels 30-53) use a super rod on the lake and you'll find nothing but seaking and gyarados, both giving 2 attack evs, 12 if you use pokerus and power items!

route 214: (levels around 23) walk around in the grass and you'll find bibarel, it gives 2 attack evs, and if you're there during the morning or night, you can find kricketune which also give 2 attack evs, pretty common.


Iron Island: (around level 30) almost all the pokemon there give defense evs, except for golbat which gives 2 speed evs.


Old chateau: (around level 16) you only find wild gastlys here, which is great because they give 1 sp.attack ev per kill, the old chateau is in eterna forest incase you didnt know, you'll need cut to get in.


Just about anywhere when you surf you can find tentacool and tentacruel tentacool giving 1 sp.def ev and tentacruel giving 2.

route 214, theres a lady with 3 wormadams, they give 2 sp.defense evs each. i prefer this instead of searching for tentacool


route 201-202 (levels 2-4) wild starley here give 1 speed ev each, its great since they are so dang common there. and you can kill em with just about anything.


route 201-202 (levels 2-4) wild bidoof give 1 HP ev per kill, just like starley they're very very common and can be found easily.

Glad i could cover everything, for a final note, using rare candies makes pokemon grow with 0 ev's making them much weaker than trained versions. and you cant ev train level 100 pokemon, as they cant gain neither exp nor ev's.


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EV training guide Empty Re: EV training guide

Post  mikuel on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:52 pm

so let me think...i dont need those power things...evs comes automaticly when i level up?

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EV training guide Empty Re: EV training guide

Post  Mew33 on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:26 am

The Power Items Are A Must Have Without Them Your Gonna Work Your Ass Of Eving In Platinum there Was a Trainer With 6 Magikarps Without items He Would Only Give 6 Speed Evs With Items He Gives 60 (1 Speed ev+ 4 Extra Evs With Power Item Multiplied By Pokerus) So You Could Battle The Guy 42 times or you could battle him around 5 times your choice :]

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EV training guide Empty Re: EV training guide

Post  piequaza62 on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:23 pm

someone ev training without power items 0o wow

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EV training guide Empty Re: EV training guide

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